Henry V - Burning Coal Theatre (Winner - Triangle Theatre Awards Best Lead Performance)

"New York actor Dan Loeser is simply splendid as the young but no longer boyish King Henry V of England  ...Loeser plays him with palpable charisma and the laser-like intensity of the young Marlon Brando"   -Triangle Arts

Beauty Queen of Leenan - Two River Theatre

"...there are terrific bits of comedy, the best of them provided by Daniel Loeser as Ray, Pato's dim-bulb brother. There is even, incredibly, an elaborate potty joke, kept perfectly under control by Mr. McDonagh's streamlined writing and Mr. Loeser's deadpan delivery." - NY Times

Richard II - Sonnet Rep/Matchbook

"...Percy (Daniel Loeser) is the perfect blend of arrogance and temper, with extra cockiness to boot." - PlayShakespeare